Tailgating Accidents – How They Can Be Avoided

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Tailgating Accidents – How They Can Be Avoided

While all auto accidents can lead to dangerous and difficult consequences, there is perhaps no type of accident that is more frustrating than a rear-end collision. You are driving safely, going your day, and then a reckless tailgater hits you, damaging your car and causing you severe personal injuries.

What makes rear-end collisions so frustrating is that they can, and generally should, be avoided. There is no reason to follow another vehicle too closely, and if fatigue, intoxication, or a distraction is to blame, none of these are justification for someone to interfere with your life and cause potentially life-changing injuries. But, the good news is that Florida law holds negligent drivers accountable. If you were injured in a tailgating accident, you may be entitled to a significant financial recovery.

Five Ways Drivers Can Avoid Tailgating Accidents

The following are all simple steps that drivers can take to avoid being responsible for tailgating accidents. If failure to follow any of these steps is to blame for your tailgating accident, you should speak with an attorney filing a claim for just compensation:

1. Do Not Follow Too Closely.

Under ordinary highway conditions, the rule of thumb is that drivers should maintain at least a two-second buffer between their vehicles and the vehicles ahead of them. Following too closely (i.e., tailgating) leaves drivers with insufficient time to react to emergency circumstances and makes them far more likely to cause rear-end collisions.

2. Do Not Drive While Impaired.

Drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs have increased reaction times, and this substantially increases their chances of causing a rear-end collision. Fatigue (another all-too-common problem among drivers) can negatively impact drivers’ ability to respond to brake lights as well.

3. Do Not Look at Your While Driving.

Studies have shown that being distracted can be just as dangerous as being drunk behind the wheel, and handheld cellphone use (including texting) is among the leading causes of distracted driving accidents. If a driver is not looking at the road ahead, he or she is not going to be able to stop in time to avoid a tailgating accident.

4. Do Not Neglect Routine Maintenance on Your Vehicle.

Even the most attentive drivers will not be able to avoid rear-end collisions if their brakes fail. Part of being a responsible driver is taking care of your vehicle – performing routine maintenance and other repairs as necessary.

5. Do Not Engage in Aggressive Driving.

Some drivers tailgate because they think it makes a statement to the occupants of the vehicle in front of them. Aggressive driving is negligent driving, and drivers who tailgate deserve to be held accountable when their poor decisions lead to dangerous collisions.

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