Common Car Accident Injuries

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Common Car Accident Injuries

People suffer from injuries from car accidents every year. In 2017, 402,385 crashes took place in Florida, according to the state’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Out of all of those crashes, 254,310 injuries took place. The car accident rate has only increased in recent years, so Florida drivers need to be cautious when going on the road. There are many ways to get in a crash and many ways to sustain an injury. It is prudent for drivers to familiarize themselves with common car accident injuries, so they know what actions to take to avoid them.

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Cuts and Scrapes

It is possible to suffer from cuts and scrapes following a collision. People often get these due to the impact of your car or the other vehicle. Some people will get cut due to flying projectiles from inside the car. If you had your phone or other items loose inside the vehicle, then one of them could strike you. Not only are these injuries painful, but they pose the risk for infection.

The best way to prevent these injuries is to not have loose items inside your vehicle. Your phone should be tucked away safely inside your pocket or purse. You should not have items rolling around inside your car anyway because something could roll under the brake or accelerator pedal. In the event you do get cut, you can prevent an infection by seeing a doctor immediately. The doctor will wash the wound immediately and apply antibiotic ointment.


This is one of the most common car accident injuries you can contend with. Whiplash is a condition where a person suffers ligament, muscle or tendon injuries due to the sudden impact of the crash. When you strike another vehicle, your body will momentarily move faster than it would ordinarily on its own. This causes trauma to soft tissues and muscles. However, it rarely results in broken bones. It takes several days for some people to realize they have whiplash. When symptoms do emerge, it can take months to heal.

To reduce your chances of getting whiplash in a car accident, you should make sure your vehicle’s head restraints are positioned correctly. Studies have shown cars with well-adjusted head restraints can reduce the chance of injury by 24 to 44 percent. Your head restraint should be approximately two inches away from the back of your head. You need to position the headrest so that the top is even with the top of your head.

Herniated Disc

Common car accident injuries also include herniated and slipped discs in the spine. Your spine contains many liquid-filled discs that serve to cushion the spinal column. They allow movement in the spine, and they also help absorb certain shocks a person may experience. When physical trauma occurs, such as in a car accident, the discs can move out of position. This places pressure on the spinal cord nerves, resulting in immense pain, weakness or numbness.

If you believe you may have suffered a herniated disc from a car accident, then you need to see a doctor right away. You should always see a doctor following an auto accident to help bolster your claim down the road. A doctor will need to perform a computerized tomography scan or a magnetic resonance imaging scan to provide an accurate diagnosis. You should request an MRI when you are in the emergency room to make sure it gets done. You do not want to wait too long with treatment because the symptoms will only get worse.

Broken Ribs and Other Broken Bones

Your bones are more fragile than you believe. Even light impacts have the potential to break rib bones. Many people suffer from broken ribs because the impact pushes them forward, backward or sideways suddenly. It can also break your legs, arms or hips because the collision places an unnatural amount of force onto your body. When this force because more than your bones can handle, they break.

You need to see a doctor immediately if you suspect you have broken bones. It can be hard to determine if you have a broken bone or if something else is wrong. You will find that a light pressure or gentle movement causes great pain in a certain area of the body. The joint or limb may appear misshapen, and your fingers or toes may start turning blue. These are all signs of a broken bone, and they all require prompt medical attention.

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Traumatic Brain Injuries

Concussions are common car accident injuries, and there is no time to waste if you suspect you suffered one. The reason for this is that the brain is normally cushioned inside your skull. However, in a sudden impact, the brain moves rapidly and hits the bone. This can cause both short-term and long-term difficulties. This can hamper brain function. People with traumatic brain injuries often suffer from chronic headaches and sleeping problems.

To lower your chances of suffering a TBI in a car accident, you need to go within the speed limit. The faster you travel, the greater your chances of suffering more serious injuries. You should also travel below the speed limit anyway to avoid getting a ticket, but in the event a collision does occur, you can at least reduce common complications. If you believe you sustained a brain injury, then you need to keep track of your symptoms and get a CT scan immediately.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Other Psychological Problems

Your symptoms may not be limited to the physical. Common car accident injuries also include psychological issues, such as PTSD. Many people will develop phobias of getting inside a car. They will suffer from flashbacks and nightmares of the incident. In the event the car accident was your fault and the other driver was seriously injuries, then you may also suffer from guilt. It is vital to take care of your mental health after a collision and get counseling if necessary.

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Internal Bleeding

Although cuts are common in an accident, it is also possible you will experience bleeding internally. This is particularly dangerous, especially if you do not treat it immediately after a crash. It occurs due to something penetrating something inside the body. Rapid deceleration also contributes to internal bleeding because it can tear blood vessels. Additionally, if your bones suffer fractures, then something could tear the blood vessels inside your body.

Common symptoms for internal bleeding include dizziness, low blood pressure, numbness and severe weakness. The best treatment depends on the location of the injury. Your surgeon may recommend a thoracotomy, exploratory laparotomy, fasciotomy and craniotomy. Internal bleeding can be life-threatening, so you need to see a professional immediately.

Get Legal Assistance Right Away

These are some of the most common car accident injuries. However, there are plenty of other ways you can suffer following a crash. In addition to starting the healing process, you also need to get in touch with a car accident attorney immediately. You should begin medical treatments right away, and an experienced lawyer can help you recover compensation to pay for these treatments.

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