Road Conditions That Can Lead to an Accident

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Road Conditions That Can Lead to an Accident

While we often talk various forms of driver negligence that are common causes of vehicle collisions in Florida, road conditions can often be to blame in auto accidents as well. If you were involved in a collision – or even a single-car accident – that was partially or entirely caused by dangerous road conditions, the government or a private contractor may be financially liable for your losses from injuries to yourself or children.

Some of the most common dangerous road conditions in Florida include the following:

1. Potholes and Sinkholes

Potholes and sinkholes occur when the supportive ground underneath a road gives way. They can present extremely dangerous hazards for unsuspecting motorists, and potholes are frequently to blame in Interstate, downtown, and rural vehicle accidents. Government highway and transportation authorities are responsible for repairing dangerous potholes in a timely manner.

Potholes can be especially dangerous for motorcycles when driving at high speeds and can lead to serious injuries.

2. Inadequate Road Maintenance

According to the Department of Transportation’s Office of Policy Planning, Florida drivers cover approximately 200 billion miles every year. As a result, Florida’s roads require constant care and attention, with maintenance issues ranging from erosion and worn lane markers to missing signage and broken guard rails.

3. Negligent Road Construction

Building roads that can withstand constant stress from multi-ton vehicles is a science that requires thorough planning, use of the right materials and equipment, and meticulous attention to detail. Faulty road construction – including the use of improper materials and failure to follow plans to specification – can create extreme risks for drivers and passengers.

4. Improperly Designed Roads

Sometimes, it isn’t a maintenance or construction issue that creates a danger for motorists, but rather an issue with the design of the road itself. Examples of road design issues that can lead to accidents include:

  • Merging lanes that are too short
  • Sharp shoulder drop-offs
  • Dangerous slopes and depressions
  • Inadequate road lighting
  • Failure to post signage warning of dangerous conditions

Not only can this cause issues for cars, but larger vehicles like commercial trucks are also at risk of poorly designed roads.

5. Failure to Properly Safety Risks

In many cases, a pattern of accidents will reveal a safety issue that requires prompt attention from the appropriate authorities. Maybe an intersection needs a stoplight. Or, perhaps greenery needs to be cut back in order to improve drivers’ visibility. Whatever the issue may be, if it leads to accident-related injuries, there is a chance that victims may be entitled to financial compensation.

Importantly, pursuing a claim against the government is unlike pursuing a typical car accident claim against an insurance company. There are special requirements and short timelines that you may need to meet in order to protect your rights. In addition, whether the government or a private contractor is to blame, it will be critical to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation in order to collect the evidence needed to win the compensation you deserve.

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