Drowsy Driving Awareness Month: How to Stay Awake at the Wheel

Categories: Distracted Driving

drowsy driving

According to the latest poll from the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), more than two-thirds of all Americans get less than seven hours of sleep per night during the week. Lack of sleep can severely impair a person’s ability to process information and react to stimuli in their environment – and both of these factors can…

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5 Ways You Have Failed to Provide Adequate Security

Categories: Premises Liability


From physical assaults and robberies to slips, trips and falls, inadequate security can be to blame for a variety of types of incidents on business property. Under Florida law, business owners have certain responsibilities to protect customers and other guests against unnecessary harm, and incidents that lead to avoidable injuries can justify claims for financial…

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Most Common Halloween Injuries

Categories: Personal Injury Law

Halloween safety

Halloween is a day that some people wait for all year. Whether you plan your costume and begin preparations months in advance, simply enjoy spending the evening with friends or family, or do not observe the holiday, you should act with heightened vigilance on this festive day. In addition to bringing fun for many, Halloween…

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