5 Ways to Prevent Injuries this Thanksgiving

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5 Ways to Prevent Injuries this Thanksgiving

It’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner. As you prepare your Thanksgiving meal or prepare to hit the road to spend the holiday with family or friends, we encourage you to think the things for which you are thankful. I personally am thankful for the incredible team here at Brian D. Guralnick Injury Lawyers, and I am thankful that we have the opportunity to help so many people recover from traumatic accidents and injuries.

Unfortunately, as with all major holidays, Thanksgiving is a time when everyone needs to be aware of an increased risk for certain dangers. From accidents in the kitchen to accidents on the road, here are five things you can to do help protect yourself and your loved ones this November 23rd.

1. Get the Sleep You Need

Lack of sleep can impair your judgment and slow your reaction time, and not being at your best can increase your risk of being injured in an avoidable accident. Before you get behind the wheel or get ready to spend all day cooking and entertaining, try to make sure you get enough rest so that you are not impaired by sleep deprivation.

2. Watch Out for Drunk and Distracted Drivers

From trying to follow GPS directions to talking and texting with family members, many drivers who are traveling for Thanksgiving will be distracted. Thanksgiving is also a time when many people drink in excess, and Thanksgiving eve has reportedly become one of the most-dangerous drunk driving nights of the year.

3. Be Wary of Potential Slip and Fall Hazards

From homes to sidewalks to grocery store aisles, everywhere you go on Thanksgiving will present certain risks for slips, trips, and falls. You can help prevent falls in your home by providing clear walkways and promptly cleaning up any spills, and you can help protect yourself by being aware of potential hazards while on other people’s property.

4. Practice Proper Food Safety

Undercooked turkey can carry salmonella bacteria, which are responsible for one of the most-common forms of food poisoning. Raw fruits, nuts and vegetables can carry salmonella as well, and expired foods can present certain other health risks. It is a good idea for everyone to know the symptoms of food poisoning; and, if you or a loved one exhibits symptoms on or after Thanksgiving, you should seek medical attention.

5. Keep Knives and Electric Kitchen Tools Away from Small Children

With the hectic pace of last-minute food preparations, a Thanksgiving kitchen can become a mess. But, if you will be sharing your table with small children, it is important to make sure that knives and electric tools in the kitchen remain out of reach.

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