Essential Components of an Injury and Symptom Diary for Your Case

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Essential Components of an Injury and Symptom Diary for Your Case

West Palm Beach Accident Lawyers Explain how a Personal Injury Diary can Help your Case

As reality begins to settle in after a vehicle collision, slip and fall, or other traumatic accident, you will quickly realize just how many ways a serious injury can impact your daily life. From having trouble getting out of bed to attending seemingly non-stop medical appointments, not a day – and perhaps not an hour – will go by when you do not feel the effects of your injury.

If someone else was at fault in the accident (i.e., you were hit by a negligent driver or fell on someone else’s dangerous premises), you could be entitled to financial compensation for all of your accident-related losses. This includes not only your medical bills, but your lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life. In order to prove the extent of your losses and maximize your compensation award, one of the best things you can do (along with avoiding these common mistakes) is to keep an Injury and Symptom Diary.

What is an Injury and Symptom Diary?

An Injury and Symptom Diary (also called a Personal Injury Journal) is a place where you record all of the ways that an accident-related injury impacts your life. It could be a notebook, a calendar that you keep on the fridge, or even something you keep in an app on your phone. Choose whatever method is easiest for you. The key is to be consistent, and to make it a habit each day to take notes that are as detailed as possible.

What Should I Write in My Injury and Symptom Diary?

When it comes to keeping records for your personal injury case, no detail is too small, and no event is too trivial. Your Injury and Symptom Diary should include entries :

  • Pain Levels and Locations – Where do you hurt? How much does it hurt? Are there times during the day when your pain is worse than others?
  • Doctor’s Visits – Record all of your visits to all of the doctors who provide diagnosis, treatment, medications, or therapy (physical, psychological, or psychiatric) for your accident-related injuries. Include the doctor’s name, office location, services rendered, cost of treatment, and any other pertinent details.
  • Rest, Therapy, and Rehabilitation – Keep track of the steps you are taking outside of your doctor’s office to recover. Keep track of your rest as well as any exercises or other therapeutic measures you take at a doctor’s recommendation.
  • Medications – Keep a list of your medications and log each dose you take or pill you swallow.
  • Time Missed from Work – If your doctor has said that you are fine to return to work, keep track of any hours you miss due to pain or medical appointments.
  • Quality of Life – Is it painful to mow the lawn or unload the dishwasher? Did you have to miss your child’s game or performance because you were in pain? Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? These are all very real losses that can – and should – be included in your claim for compensation.

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