Four-Point Checklist for Motorcycle Safety

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As a personal injury lawyer who represents motorcycle accidents victims in Palm Beach County, I have unfortunately seen more than my fair share of life-changing collisions. While I am passionate helping injured riders recover the money that they need for their medical bills and other losses, I would greatly prefer if these accidents never happened at all.

In many cases, there is simply nothing that riders can do to avoid being injured in a collision. “Cage” drivers routinely make mistakes – like merging without looking and giving into distractions behind the wheel – and when they do, they can force riders directly into harm’s way. When this happens, my team and I help riders Demand More® for their losses, fighting aggressively to recover as much financial compensation as possible.

Of course, there are certain steps that motorcycle riders can take to mitigate their risk of injury. To help protect yourself as much as possible, here are some motorcycle safety tips to keep in mind:

Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders in Florida

1. Practice “ATGATT”

While Florida law does not require riders over the age of 21 (and with at least $10,000 in medical insurance coverage) to wear a helmet, consider suiting every time you take your bike out on the roads. Many riders know this as “ATGATT” – all the gear, all the time. A DOT or Snell-rated helmet can in many cases significantly reduce the risk of a serious head injury, while riding boots, gloves, pants, and a jacket can provide protection against other types of injuries as well.

2. Keep Your Motorcycle Well-Maintained

Keeping your bike well-maintained is an important safety practice as well. Each time you ride, make sure your tires are inflated, your brake pads are not too worn, your chain is lubricated, and your oil is clean. If you do not maintain your bike personally, take it to a mechanic on a regular schedule and before routine maintenance items turn into costly repairs.

3. Make Sure You Are Visible.

Along with the maintenance items listed above, it is a good idea to do a quick check of your headlights, brake lights, and turn signals as well. Consider keeping your headlight on during the day, and always use your turn signals as required by law. Wearing a high-visibility vest or other high-visibility riding gear can also help you get seen by other motorists.

4. Observe All Traffic Laws.

Finally, when you are riding your motorcycle, it should go without saying that you should obey all traffic laws – just like other motorists on the road. Speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and other illegal riding habits may put you at increased risk for being injured in a motorcycle accident.

Worried that you may have been partially at-fault in an accident? Under Florida law you may still be entitled to partial compensation.

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