Should You Install a Dash Cam in Your Car?

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Dash cams. Many police departments use them, and many of us first became aware of them when we saw a meteor hurtling toward Earth from the dashboard of a car in Russia. However, these days, many drivers, especially young drivers, across the United States – including in – are installing dash cams in their cars, as well. So, should you install a dash cam in your car?

It may be a good idea.

Why? Because if you are involved in an accident, the video from your dash cam could be the best evidence to support your claim for compensation.

Video Proof of Your Right to Financial Compensation

In a car accident claim, you need evidence in order to win your case. Typically, this evidence comes in the form of data and information collected after the accident. Photos of the scene, skid mark measurements, the police report, and witnesses’ memories of what happened—these are all good evidence, but they don’t capture the moment of impact.

A dash cam can capture just that, possibly even if the vehicle that hit you doesn’t come into frame. Imagine dash cam footage that shows your car entering an intersection at a green light, and then, suddenly, your car is skidding sideways. What possible explanation is there, other than that someone t-boned you in the intersection? Combine that with the other evidence that we just mentioned, and you could have a very strong claim for maximum damages.

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Dash Cam Video Can Lead to Other Evidence, as Well

But, even if your dash cam video doesn’t clearly show who was at-fault in the accident, it still can provide a wealth of valuable information. From license plates to weather conditions, anything that your dash cam captures could be helpful for gathering other evidence to support your claim.

The Risk: Voice Recordings Can Lead to Criminal Charges

In Florida, it is illegal to record someone’s voice in a private setting without his or her consent. Note that this does not apply in public (i.e., on most roads). However, if you are trying to use dash cam evidence against someone in a claim for compensation, you can bet that he or she will to try to argue that your proof of the negligence was illegally obtained. The insurance companies may try to use this argument, as well.

Violating the law against voice recording can be a felony, so you definitely want to be cautious using any audio from a dash cam. To protect yourself, you should speak with an experienced auto accident attorney before trying to use dash cam evidence in your case (or doing something like posting it on social media).

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