Drivers Beware: Thanksgiving Weekend is Among the Most-Dangerous Times to be on the Road

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Five Tips for Staying Safe on South Florida’s Busy Roads this Spring

For many people, the Thanksgiving holiday comes after one of the longest stretches of time without a three-day weekend the entire year. It also represents the first major break from school; and, with a four-day weekend and Florida’s weather finally starting to break, it is a time when many people choose to both celebrate and hit the road.

Unfortunately, with all of these factors combined, the Thanksgiving holiday is also a time when many people make the poor decision to drink and drive. According to breathalyzer manufacturer BACtrack:

“The most traveled holiday period of the year is Thanksgiving weekend, and DUI arrests are at their highest between Thanksgiving and the end of New Year’s weekend. Thanksgiving Eve is even referred to as “Black Wednesday,” as it may be the busiest night of the year for bars. Social binge drinking (consumption of a high volume of alcohol in a short period of time) is also common at this time of year.”

In recent years, media outlets including Forbes and the Wall Street Journal have also reported that Thanksgiving eve is among the deadliest nights of the year on America’s roads, and this has been directly attributed to an increase in drunk driving. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates that approximately 4 out of every 10 fatal accidents on Thanksgiving are caused by drunk drivers.

Staying Safe on the Roads During Thanksgiving

If you are among the millions of Americans who will travel to spend time with family or friends this Thanksgiving, we encourage you to drive safely. Most of all, please do not drink and drive. We can also offer these tips to help protect yourself from the dangers presented by drunk drivers.

1. Consider Leaving Early

If you are able to do your traveling prior to Wednesday night, you will arrive at your destination before most people begin their weekend festivities at Palm Beach County’s bars. Additionally, drunk driving is most prevalent in the evening and nighttime hours, so leaving early in the day (even if you will be driving on Wednesday or Thursday) can help reduce your risk of being injured in a drunk driving accident.

2. Avoid Distractions

If you are looking at your phone, you are not looking at the road. As you travel for Thanksgiving, make it a point of emphasis not to give in to distractions behind the wheel. Among the numerous other reasons not to drive distracted, you want to be sure that you give yourself the opportunity to drive defensively if you encounter a driver who appears to be intoxicated.

3. Learn More Drunk Driving

From knowing how much (or how little) alcohol consumption it takes to experience impairment to being able to spot the warning signs of an intoxicated driver, the more you learn drunk driving, the safer you can be. The NHTSA’s Drunk Driving website is a great resource, and of course you can always for more information.

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