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Lake Worth,Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Worth Lagoon, and Lake Osborne, the town of Lake Worth, dazzles both visitors and residents alike. Its small, ethnically diverse population of 37,000 belies its downtown cosmopolitan sophistication. Nevertheless its natural beauty, historic downtown, and relaxed Palm Beach County atmosphere can hardly be matched by nearby urban giant Miami. Put simply, Lake Worth is a charming place to live.

Recreational opportunities abound – Lake Worth Beach, for example, features some of the last private coastal real estate in southeastern Florida. Swimming and surfing are common activities, especially around the William O. Lockhart Municipal Pier. Golfing, boating, hiking, bicycling, and camping are also popular.

Unfortunately, no activity can be made absolutely safe – injuries and sometimes even accidental deaths occur in the midst of all of these recreational activities, as well as on city roadways. When an accident like this is caused by the careless or reckless behavior of another, it would be unfair for the victim to just write off the financial devastation that an accident can bring as the “luck of the draw.”

Fortunately, you have options under the personal injury law system, and as dedicated personal injury lawyers, it is our job to see to it that you are fully compensated with every penny that you are entitled to. Some of our most common practice areas include:

Bicycle Accidents

bicycle accidentsBicycle accidents are frequently catastrophic due to the lack of protection offered by a bicycle. Bicyclists are just as exposed as motorcyclists, but they lack the horsepower to accelerate themselves out of dangerous traffic situations. In Florida, your chances of being involved in a bicycle accident double compared to the rest of the nation, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents in Lake Worth are automobile blind spots, failure to yield, opening doors into traffic, distracted driving, and DUI.

Boating Accidents

boating accidentsLake Worth is virtually surrounded by water, and the rest of Palm Beach County suffers no shortage of boating and jet-ski opportunities. That said, it is hardly surprising that boating accidents are common. The same causes tend to crop up over and over again – racing, intoxication, poor maintenance, poor operational skills, ignoring wake warnings, reckless behavior, and dock mishaps, among other causes. Cruise ship accidents, by contrast, tend to resemble the type of accident that you might suffer as a hotel guest – slip and fall accidents, pool accidents, and food poisoning, for example.

Car Accidents

car accidentsCar accident lawsuits jam the dockets of courts in many states. responded to the overcrowding problem by instituting a no-fault auto insurance system that limits the ability to file a lawsuit or a third-party insurance claim. If you can escape its restrictions (by proving that your injuries were serious enough), you can still file these types of claims. A serious car accident caused by someone else’s misconduct can result in a substantial judgment in your favor. In complex cases, the assistance of a top personal injury lawyer can more than pay for itself.

Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle accidentsMotorcycles have achieved an almost mythical status in American culture, and their danger is part of their appeal for some people. The combination of horsepower, rider exposure, low visibility, and oblivious motorists frequently results in catastrophic motorcycle accidents, even if you perform routine safety checks. Traumatic brain injuries are not uncommon, and even drivers who wear helmets can suffer spinal cord injuries, paralysis, neck injuries, and bone fractures. When an accident like this happens, accepting a quick but inadequate settlement is one of the worst mistakes that you can make.

Pedestrian Accidents

pedestrian accidents Florida suffers over two dozen pedestrian injuries every day, giving it one of the highest rates of pedestrian accidents in the country. Over 9,000 such accidents were recorded in 2015 alone, including several a day in Palm Beach County. The most common causes of driver-initiated accidents are failure to yield, distracted driving, DUI, turning into a crowded crosswalk, and backing up without checking the rearview mirror. Devastating injuries are common when flesh meets steel, and large damages awards are very possible if you select the right personal injury lawyer.

Premises Liability

premises liabilityReal property owners and tenants are required by law to undertake a certain amount of liability for the injuries suffered by people who enter their property. Shop customers, party guests, and even trespassing children might trigger owner liability if they are injured by a dangerous condition that the owner or tenant failed to remedy or warn. premises liability law can compensate victims of slip and fall accidents, criminal assaults, and even animal attacks.

Slip and Fall Accidents

slip fall accidentsSlip and fall accidents injure a million Americans every year, and many of the most serious injuries befall the elderly. These injuries can be devastating and sometimes permanent, and they can be triggered by a variety of causes. Broken steps, collapsing handrails, erratic escalators, slippery floors, protruding objects, and icy parking lots are just a few of the dangerous conditions that can cause a slip and fall accident.

Truck Accidents

truck accidentsThe 18-wheeler truck is the king of the highway jungle, and smaller trucks such as cement mixers can pack almost as much momentum in a crash. Truck drivers commonly cause accidents by tailgating, hydroplaning, jackknifing, speeding, two-way radio use, and DUI. Palm Beach County recorded over 2,400 commercial vehicle crashes in 2015, many of which were trucks. If a truck accident was caused by the employee of a trucking company, you might be able to sue the company as well as the driver.

Wrongful Death

wrongful death As the name indicates, a wrongful death lawsuit is the type of lawsuit that you should file if the victim dies. requires a wrongful death lawsuit to be filed by the personal representative of the deceased victim’s estate, although at least some of the proceeds can go directly to survivors (the rest is paid to the estate itself). Recoveries in wrongful death lawsuits can be just as large, or larger than, recoveries in personal injury lawsuits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is MMI?

MMI stands for “Maximum Medical Improvement.” An MMI letter is essentially an opinion issued by your doctor stating that you have recovered from your injuries as much as you’re ever going to (it doesn’t mean that you won’t undergo any more treatment, however). An MMI is important, because only when you receive it will you have a basis for calculating how much to demand from the defendant for medical expenses. It is particularly important for calculating the amount of the “future medical expenses” component of your personal injury claim, and if your injuries are long-term, that component of damages is one that you absolutely must not underestimate.

Calculating your future medical expenses is complicated and filled with ambiguity even after you reach MMI. A skilled personal injury lawyer can help you with this.

Why bother filing a lawsuit when you can just settle the case out of court?

While it is true that the majority of personal injury claims are settled out of court, many of these settlements would not have been possible unless the victim had filed a lawsuit in the midst of settlement negotiations. The explanation for this reality is rooted in human nature – insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible (so they can pocket the rest), and they are unlikely to offer you an adequate settlement unless you show them that you have the legal muscle to settle the dispute by force if necessary.

A stubborn defendant may resist all the way to a verdict. In any case, if negotiations drag out long enough, you will definitely need to file a lawsuit to beat the statute of limitations deadline.

Should I speak directly with the insurance company?

No. Let us do your talking for you, because we know how to handle insurance company executives. Insurance is a for-profit businesses, and insurance companies profit most by denying claims, not by accepting them. Insurance company executives are trained professionals who can negotiate you into a deep hole if you let them. The best solution is to hire your own trained professional to deal with them.

Another danger in talking to the insurance company is that they might use subterfuge to get you to make a statement that they can use against you later, or use delay to lull you into missing the statute of limitations deadline.

How will a delay in retaining a lawyer hurt my chances?

A delay in retaining a lawyer is not necessarily fatal, as long as you don’t miss the statute of limitations deadline for filing a lawsuit, but it can hurt your chances in many other ways. The most obvious way you could ruin your chances would be if you waited until a few weeks before the statute of limitations deadline to involve a lawyer, leaving your lawyer with little time to prepare an effective lawsuit.

Another way in which delay could hurt you would be if evidence went “stale” – a witness’s memory fades, physical evidence deteriorates, a witness dies or moves out of town, etc. Hiring a lawyer is also a way to convince your doctor that you will eventually be able to pay your medical bills, even if you currently lack the financial resources to pay them.

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