What kinds of questions will I be asked during a deposition?

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A deposition is an out-of-court Q & A session where you answer questions under oath to help the parties prepare for trial. The judge will not be present, but a court reporter will make an official transcript, and the defense lawyer may question you. Your answers might be used against you at trial.

Following are some commonly asked questions:

  • Have you ever been involved in a lawsuit before?
  • Have you filed an insurance claim for your damages?
  • How has your injury disrupted your daily life activities?
  • Please rate your degree of pain from 1 to 10.
  • Exactly what time did the accident happen? (This is a dangerous trick question!)

Some of these questions will be designed to elicit damaging testimony from you. Relax – we will be at your side to protect you, and we know all the tricks.

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