Top Five Injuries to Avoid on Summer Vacation

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Top Five Injuries to Avoid on Summer Vacation

Here in Palm Beach County, the approach of summer means fun in the sun. Local residents and out-of-state travelers alike choose areas like Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Jupiter, and West Palm Beach for their warm, dry climate and easy access to sand, the ocean, and endless options for summertime entertainment.

While we encourage everyone to enjoy their summer vacations, we also encourage them to do so responsibly. Unfortunately, numerous adults and children get injured on vacation trips every year; and, in many cases, these accidents occur because other people are not being as safe as they should.

Common Risks for Summer Vacation Injuries

If you are vacationing in Palm Beach County this summer, here are five injury risks to keep in mind:

1. Pedestrian Accidents

While pedestrian accidents occur year-round, they are a particular risk during the summer months. In vacation destinations like West Palm Beach, summer means more vehicles and more pedestrians, and this means a greater risk for pedestrian accidents. Although drivers are supposed to respect pedestrians’ right-of-way, experience shows that aggressive, inattentive, and distracted driving are all common factors in summer pedestrian accidents.

2. Vehicle Collisions

Vehicle collisions are a concern during summer vacation as well. From increased traffic congestion to tourists driving unfamiliar rental vehicles, there are numerous factors that play a role in summer vacation car accidents. As with pedestrian accidents, distracted driving is a major concern (as drivers talk, text, and try to follow GPS directions), as are issues such as drunk driving, reckless driving, and driver fatigue.

3. Boating Accidents

While residents enjoy the ability to boat year-round, for vacationers, visiting is often their one chance to get behind the helm. Increased water traffic plays a role in boating accidents just like increased road traffic for vehicle collisions, operator inexperience, inadequate boat maintenance, reckless boating, drunk boating, and numerous other factors all contribute to a high number of summer boat accidents.

4. Swimming Pool Accidents

Most of us know to be careful while swimming in the ocean, but swimming pools can be dangerous as well. Hotels, condo complexes, homeowners, and others all need to take appropriate steps to protect swimmers, and their failure to do so will often lead to liability for swimming pool accidents.

5. Dog Attacks

Dog attacks are another leading cause of summer injuries. Even the most well-behaved dogs can become aggressive when surrounded by unfamiliar faces; bicyclists, runners, and active children can all trigger dogs to lash out unexpectedly. Severe dog bites can cause permanent scarring and disfigurement, and people of all ages and abilities can suffer serious injuries when they get knocked down by large dogs.

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