How Is Liability Determined in Single-Vehicle Accidents?

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How Is Liability Determined in Single-Vehicle Accidents?

In a typical two-car accident, one driver is to blame and the other is entitled to financial compensation. Of course, in reality, it is a bit more complicated, but this is essentially the baseline scenario. But, what a single-vehicle accident? If you are injured in an accident and there are no other vehicles at the crash site, are you simply responsible for covering the costs of your own injuries?

Not necessarily.

Proving Fault in Single-Vehicle Accidents

In fact, there are a number of different ways that drivers injured in single-vehicle accidents can potentially seek financial compensation. For example:

1. You Were Run Off of the Road By Another Driver

One possible scenario is that, while your vehicle was the only one that crashed, there was actually another vehicle involved in the accident. For example, if you were run off of the road by a drunk driver, or if you were forced to swerve out of the way of someone who was distracted or asleep behind the wheel, the other driver could still be at fault even though there was never a direct collision.

These cases are typically handled the same way as hit-and-run accidents; and, if you believe that someone may have run you off of the road, you owe it to yourself to speak with an attorney to see if you can pursue a claim.

2. You Crashed Because of an Issue with the Road

Another possible scenario is that you crashed because of an issue with the road. Potholes, low shoulders, missing signage, inadequate lighting, and other issues can all present safe drivers with situations in which crashing is unavoidable. Dangerous road conditions are regularly to blame in multi-car and single-vehicle collisions, and drivers injured in these collisions can often seek compensation from government highway agencies or other third-parties.

3. You Crashed Because of an Issue with Your Vehicle

A third possible scenario is that you crashed because of an issue with your vehicle. Vehicle defects (such as faulty tires, brakes, and accelerators) are far more common than most people realize, and negligent repair or maintenance work can lead to accidents as well. If you lost control because of a problem with your vehicle, then the automaker, the dealership, the component manufacturer, your repair shop, and a number of other companies could all potentially be responsible for your losses.

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Single-Vehicle Accident? A Prompt Investigation is Critical

After a single-vehicle accident, conducting a prompt investigation is critical. There are many different ways to establish fault in a single-vehicle collision, but you need to find out what happened before the evidence disappears. Before you foot the bill for someone else’s mistake, ask an attorney to investigate whether you have a claim for compensation.

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