How should I select an appropriate personal injury lawyer to represent me?

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An excellent personal injury lawyer should at least possess the following qualities:

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  • They should specialize in personal injury law. Asking a lawyer specializing in another field to represent you in your personal injury claim is like asking a heart surgeon to remove a brain tumor.
  • They should possess years (preferably decades) of experience in personal injury law.
  • They should have plenty of hands-on trial experience. Some lawyers are experienced negotiators but have rarely or never been to trial. Insurance companies laugh at these lawyers – they may talk tough, but they cannot “pull the trigger” on a claim by winning a lawsuit that will force the insurance company to pay.
  • Honesty, principle, loyalty, brilliance, aggressiveness, and fearlessness; are all personal qualities developed long before the attorney even went to law school. For the most part, they cannot be taught.