Drones Helpful with Accident Reconstruction? (They’re Not Just for Spying)

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Drones Helpful with Accident Reconstruction? (They’re Not Just for Spying)

If companies like Amazon have anything to say it, flying drones may soon revolutionize many aspects of our daily lives. Need a quart of milk or a dozen eggs? Don’t bother going to the store. Place an order online, and a drone will drop off a grocery bag at your doorstep.

But, flying drones have the potential for more than just these types of consumer uses. For example, according to one recent report, some farmers are using drones to herd sheep. More practically for our purposes, flying drones are also increasingly being used to gather evidence for accident reconstruction.

Using Drones to Capture Key Evidence at the Scene of the Accident

In auto accident cases, when arguing for maximum compensation at trial, the details matter. Were there skid marks? If so, how long were they? Did someone miss a stop sign that was obscured by vegetation? Where exactly did each vehicle end up after the collision? These and countless other details all have the potential to have a direct impact on the outcome of the case.

Traditionally, these details needed to be collected on the ground at the scene of the accident. That meant (and in the vast majority of cases, still means) using eye-level investigation to gather as much evidence as quickly as possible. Measurements and photographs taken with handheld tools and cameras would then be used along with sophisticated computer software to reconstruct the scene of the accident.

This method has worked for decades, and it continues to serve accident victims’ needs as long as investigators and accident reconstructionists can get to the scene before the skid marks fade away and other key pieces of evidence disappear. Now, however, flying drones are offering a new, efficient, and precise alternative (or additional tool) for accident victims to prove their claims for financial compensation.

The Police Use Drones. Why Shouldn’t You?

The police have been using flying drones to gather evidence for years. Today, many accident reconstructionists are using them as well. As long as they are gathered and preserved properly, drone videos and photographs can be used as evidence just like the photos you take with your cell .

If drone evidence is the best evidence to support your claim, at Brian D. Guralnick Injury Lawyers, we believe you should use it to your full advantage. To learn more how we can help you Demand More® for your injuries, today.

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