Dog Bite Prevention for Cyclists and Runners

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Dog Bite Prevention for Cyclists and Runners

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For cyclists and runners, dog attacks can often lead to serious injuries. While a dog bite is perhaps the most commonly feared consequence of an attack, when you are traveling at higher speeds on the sidewalk or side of the road, a dog attack can mean broken bones, severe cuts and bruises, and other fall-related injuries as well.

Dogs are unpredictable, and as a result, there is often nothing that cyclists and runners can do to avoid being injured while doing what they love. But, to protect yourself as much as possible, consider these common tips for stopping a chase and preventing an attack:

Five Tips for Avoiding Dog Attack Injuries While Cycling or Running

Tip #1: Get Off of Your Bike

Most domestic dogs don’t chase cyclists and runners because they want to attack them. Instead, they chase because they like the chase itself. As a result, if a dog begins to chase you while you are cycling, many sources recommend getting off of your bike and placing the bike between you and the dog.

Note that, if you are confident that you can outpace the dog, then continuing to ride may also be an option. But, if the dog is only in it for the chase, stopping your ride may be the quicker (and safer) way to bring the confrontation to an end.

Tip #2: Stop Running

For the same reason, you should stop riding if you are on a bike, you should also stop running if you are on foot. In addition, since many dog breeds can outrun humans, there is a good chance that you will not be able to escape the attack by running.

Tip #3: Face the Dog

Once you stop, you should turn and face the dog. This will let the dog know that the chase is over, and also that you are prepared to defend yourself. If you can, back away slowly and allow the dog’s owner to regain control of the dog.

Tip #4: Avoid Engaging with the Dog

Unless the dog physically attacks you, it is generally recommended that you not try to engage with the dog. Instead of kicking or hitting the dog – which could provoke a response – just try to stand your ground and then back away once the situation is diffused.

Tip #5: Curl Up to Protect Yourself

If you are not able to prevent an attack, sources suggest tucking yourself into a tight ball on the ground. Protect your head with your arms, and try to remain as calm as possible until the dog realizes that you are not playing with it and that you are not a threat.

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