Understanding Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

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Understanding Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

While it is true that SUVs and large trucks have a greater risk for rolling over, the whole truth is that any type of vehicle can roll over under the wrong set of circumstances. Even with improvements in vehicle design and technology, numerous people continue to suffer serious – and sometimes fatal – injuries in rollover accidents each year.

What exactly causes rollover accidents, and, in a rollover accident, who is to blame?

Factors that Contribute to Rollover Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has identified the following as four key factors leading to multi-vehicle rollover accidents:

1. Speed

According to the NHTSA, excessive speeding is a factor in approximately 40 percent of all rollover crashes, and nearly 75 percent of rollover accidents occur in zones with posted speed limits of 55 miles per hour or higher. In fact, speed plays a more prominent role in rollover crashes than all other types of vehicle collisions.

2. Alcohol

“Nearly half of all fatal rollover crashes involve alcohol.” This, according to the NHTSA, includes not just driving over the legal limit, but driving with any amount of alcohol in the system. Of course, most people already know all too well the risks of drunk driving. This just further demonstrates the risks that innocent people face when drunk drivers get behind the wheel.

3. Lack of Road Dividers and Barriers

You know those lane dividers, guardrails, and barriers on the highway? They’re there for a reason, and that reason is to help prevent rollover accidents. In rural areas and on roads that haven’t been adequately protected, all drivers are at increased risk for rollovers in multi-vehicle collisions.

4. Distracted Driving

Finally, while you might expect rollover accidents to be more common in extreme emergency situations, the data show that over 90 percent of single-vehicle rollover crashes occur during routine driving. Although the NHTSA has not published data to confirm it, we would expect this number to be high for multi-vehicle rollover accidents as well.

This is simply because a major factor in rollovers (as well as many other types of accidents) is distracted driving. With the growing popularity of connected devices, more and more drivers are taking their eyes and minds off the road.  At 55 miles per hour, a car can travel the length of a football field in just five seconds – the same amount of time required to read an average text message behind the wheel. Even when driving in a straight line, that is more than enough distance for something to go terribly wrong.

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