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June 2, 2017 is the last day of the school year for many students in Palm Beach County, and this means that the local playgrounds are to get a lot more crowded. While playgrounds can be fun, educational, and a good place for children to get some exercise, they unfortunately also present a number of injury risks as well.

The following are among the most common types of playground accidents we see each summer:

7 Common Accidents on Playgrounds

1. Collisions Between Children

As playgrounds become more crowded, the risk increases that children will run into one another. While many of these collisions will be minor, head-on collisions and collisions resulting in falls can potentially cause concussions and other traumatic injuries.

2. Slide Injuries

Slide accidents can cause harmful injuries as well. A sliding child may be unable to avoid hitting another child running past the bottom of the slide, or a child may accidentally get pushed down a slide.

3. Swing Injuries

Swing sets present similar dangers. Children who are playing chase may run into the path of a swinging child, and a child who jumps from a swing could potentially land on another young one.

4. Climbing Injuries

From ladders to rock walls, climbing apparatuses can present fall risks for children playing alone and in groups. Children can fall onto others below, or one child may accidentally or intentionally knock a child off of the ladder or rock wall.

5. Rope and Net Injuries

Ropes and nets on playgrounds can result in entanglement injuries and injuries from falls. These injuries can include fractures, dislocations, and potentially even strangulation.

6. Slips, Trips and Falls

Children playing on the ground can also suffer injuries due to slips, trips and falls. Wet surfaces, sticks and other debris, and a variety of other potential hazards can all cause harmful playground accidents.

7. Eye Injuries

Fingers, sticks, toys, and protruding playground equipment can all cause eye injuries requiring medical attention. Bruises (black eyes), scratches, and other eye injuries are all common on busy playgrounds.

Who Is Liable for a Child’s Playground Injury?

When a child gets injured on a playground, there are a few parties who could potentially be liable for the parents’ medical costs and any other losses resulting from the injury. These include:

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  • The parent of another child who caused the accident (parents have a legal duty to supervise their children in order to avoid these kinds of accidents);
  • A babysitter, nanny, or other caretaker entrusted with supervising the child who caused the accident;
  • The owner of the playground if the accident resulted from inadequate maintenance or faulty construction of playground equipment; and,
  • The manufacturer of the playground equipment involved in the accident if the equipment was defective.

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