What are a Commercial Property Owner’s Responsibilities?

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You were injured at a business, and you want to know if you are entitled to financial compensation. While this may be the first time that you have encountered this type of situation, your circumstances are not unique. Each year, countless Palm Beach County residents get injured in premises-related accidents. These accidents often result in severe physical and emotional pain, and the financial consequences can last for months – and in some cases years – after the accident occurs.

Let’s start with the basics. Under Florida’s law of premises liability, property owners that fail to maintain their premises in reasonably-safe condition can be held financially liable for injuries resulting from their failures. While different property owners can be subject to different standards, generally speaking, businesses are subject to the highest standard when it comes to ensuring the safety of their clients and customers. Assuming you were not trespassing, if you were injured at a business and your injury could have been avoided with reasonable care, you can seek full financial compensation for your injury-related losses.

Understanding Your Rights After an Injury at a Palm Beach County Business

What is “Reasonable Care”?

Business owners are subject to a standard of reasonable care when it comes to protecting their clients and customers (referred to as “invitees”) from premises-related injuries. This means that they must provide protection from common hazards such as:

  • Spills, puddles, and recently-cleaned floors
  • Torn carpeting, cracked sidewalks, and other maintenance issues
  • Loose or missing handrails
  • Dangerous elevators and escalators
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Pools and other “attractive nuisances”
  • Drunk patrons and other potentially-dangerous visitors

What Types of Businesses Can Be Held Accountable?

All types of businesses can be held accountable for their invitees’ injuries. Florida law does not distinguish between different types of businesses with regard to the general premises liability standard that applies. This means that members of the public can seek financial compensation for injuries sustained at businesses including (but not limited to):

  • Bars, restaurants, and night clubs
  • Hotels and motels
  • Apartment and condominium buildings
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Construction sites
  • Retail stores and supermarkets
  • Professional offices
  • Stadiums, concert halls, and other entertainment venues

Are There Special Rules for Certain Types of Businesses?

Yes, some businesses are subject to additional requirements when it comes to protecting their customers from harm. For example, Florida law establishes specific security requirements for convenience stores (which include installing a security camera system, providing employee training, and limiting the amount of cash they have on hand). Additionally, there are legally-recognized standards for premises such as pools and construction sites, where invitees can be at increased risk for dangerous slip, trip, and fall injuries.

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