Briny Breezes Town Office

This luxury coastal town lets residents enjoy the breaking waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the calm waters of the Inter-Coastal Waterway. These majestic bodies of water make Briny Breezes a barrier island in the county of Palm Beach, Florida

The historic area’s town office continues to uphold the beauty and history of this town. The town office is the steward of this town. It takes care of its residents, real estate, and natural phenomena. 

Dedicated Administration 

Residents in the vibrant and friendly community of Briny Breezes appreciate the relaxed coastal lifestyle. They are continually supported and represented by dedicated administration staff, including town mayor Roger Bennett. This .12 sq mi area operates under the postal code 33435 and is within Palm Beach County.

Since 1919, this area has been an oasis for vacationers and retirees. Folks come here to get away from their stressful lives and enjoy the beach. The current administration continues to uphold this lifestyle and ensure that residents have reliable infrastructure and resources. 

Coastal Living 

This gorgeous town allows shareholders the use of a luxury beachfront clubhouse. The facility is fully equipped. It offers a full kitchen, showers, bathrooms, and a deck with rocking chairs. Visitors are also privy to game nights at the community center, countless social and charitable clubs, and serene natural surroundings. 

Buying or renting property in this area is a great investment. It’s the perfect way to vacation or retire. Locals love the dozens of high-end dining opportunities. The seafood is fresh, and many restaurants serve up the best of the fresh catch caught daily. Enjoy the many amenities of Briny Breezes’ cozy beach hospitality. 

Upholding the Precedent 

This is well-known for being a safe and friendly community for all. The town office upholds the Briny Breezes rules and regulations to ensure this safety. These regulations include: 

  • Violation and Fining Process
  • Building Permit and Procedures
  • Criteria for Stockholder Inquiries
  • Town Bylaws 

The board of directors is made up of two directors from each district (eight total). All members are residents and shareholders. This is to accurately represent the population and speak to the needs of the community. 

Besides the directors, there are also five officers elected to the town. These are a president, first vice-president, second vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. 

The board of directors approves social or charitable clubs, responds to complaints or disputes, and approves leases or rentals, and more. These town designated officials and board members make up the town office. They maintain and amend the processes regarding building, stockholder inquiries, and violation of town rules. 

Logistics and Information 

Shareholders and residents need to be able to communicate openly with their local governing body. Mayor Roger Bennett believes in the importance of community and conversation in government. The town hall is located at: 

City Hall Briny Breezes

5000 N Ocean Blvd

Briny Breezes, FL 33435

United States 

The friendly staff is always available to register inquiries and assist residents with any concerns about their property. Email the city hall clerk at [email protected].

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