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What is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law refers to civil lawsuits that are brought as the result of wrongful conduct that has led to injury or other damages. This type of law is in contrast to criminal law as it does not involve the government prosecuting the wrongdoer. Instead, a judge or jury will determine if the at-fault party should pay compensation to the plaintiff for damages if a settlement cannot be reached.

Why Would I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Though injury victims can pursue compensation, when someone is injured in an accident the resulting pain, recovery, medical bills and potential lawsuit can be overwhelming. Victims may wonder how they will pay for their medical expenses, especially if their injuries are significant and they cannot work. They may be anxious about the next steps to take, whether it is accepting an offer from the insurance company or seeking more compensation in court.

The personal injury law system is complicated and can be difficult to navigate without proper training and experience. Because of these factors, it is imperative that those seeking compensation for an injury speak with a West Palm Beach personal injury attorney before negotiating or accepting any type of settlement from an insurance company.

Why Choose the Law Offices of Brian D. Guralnick to Represent Me?

The Injury Law Offices of Brian D. Guralnick offer a personal touch to personal injury law. Our five-part client-centered team management system ensures support at every step of the personal injury case process.Whether the personal injury case is settled out of court or proceeds to trial, Brian D. Guralnick, West Palm Beach car accident lawyer, and his team will work with clients to ensure that they have the resources and support they need to successfully navigate this complicated process.

When the victim of an injury accident seeks help from the West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer Brian D. Guralnick, the victim’s needs will be taken into account when planning how to handle his or her case. Some cases are easily settled while others may last longer and take more work. Florida personal injury lawyer Brian D. Guralnick utilizes an established protocol that guarantees that every client has the support he or she needs at each step of the process. The team makes it their goal to ensure the client understands the intricacies of their injury case and can make informed decisions about important matters.

Brian D. Guralnick, Florida personal injury lawyer, begins the process by personally overseeing every case that comes through his office. He also employs a chief litigation attorney who is a member of the elite one percent of all Florida lawyers who are board-certified civil trial experts. Each client is also assigned a personal case manager as well as a pre-litigation assistant and, if necessary, a litigation paralegal who will handle the day-to-day communication and filing of important documents.When you choose Brian D. Guralnick,West Palm Beach car accident lawyer, you know you are in good hands.