Our seaside town is home to retirees and vacationers. Folks here love to relax, unwind, and enjoy time with loved ones. This is why our stretches of gorgeous oceanfront property aren’t the only draw for the area. 

Briny Breezes is home to fine dining, high-end amenities, hundreds of historical landmarks, and exciting natural flora and fauna. Visitors to the area quickly understand why our residents love living here so much. Here are some of the best things to do in the cozy coastal town of Briny Breezes. 

Enjoy a Day at the Beach 

The number one attraction is the private beach to which residents of Briny Breezes are privy. This sandy stretch bordering the Atlantic Ocean is the perfect place to lay out on a towel and get some sun, or go for a morning walk and watch the sunrise. 

Shareholders enjoy access to the luxury beachfront clubhouse with dozens of quality amenities. This clubhouse has three showers, picnic tables, a full kitchen, and a deck with rocking chairs, among other things. Spend your morning, afternoon, and night down by the clubhouse. 

Tour Historical Landmarks 

Our town is located within historic Palm Beach County. Visit one of our many popular historical museums or go on a guided walking tour of the area. 

Our town’s rich history begins 10,000 years ago with the Native Americans and continues through Spanish settlements and finally with Briny Breeze’s inception in the early 1900s.

Visit the nearby Jupiter Lighthouse or take a walking tour. There is a wealth of historical attractions in the area for guests to enjoy. 

Dine on the Dock 

Beachfront dining is an entire experience in itself. Not only do many of our local restaurants get fresh seafood daily, but many of them serve their food out on the water. 

Visitors love to watch the sunset over the water as they chow down on some delicious local cuisine. Seafood is the way to go when you visit Briny Breezes because guests know that they are truly getting the best of the best. 

Nature and Wildlife 

Not only does this town border the Atlantic Ocean, but it also sits on the Inter Coastal Waterway. There is rich biodiversity on this barrier island getaway. Note the array of birds, mammals, and sea life as you venture through Briny Breezes. Take a hike or enjoy one of many close by state parks and preserves. 

Meet Your Neighbors at the Community Center 

Briny Breezes is a friendly and vibrant local community. With luxury amenities like the state-of-the-art community center facility, there are dozens of clubs that convene throughout the week. Visitors and residents can join a social or charitable club (all are approved by the board of directors). They can also attend game nights at the community center and play bridge, Mah Jong, or even ping pong. 

This town is on the smaller side with a little over 400 residences. That means that it is easy to get to know everyone and start feeling like you’re right at home.

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