Briny Breezes Community Center

This luxury oceanfront town offers visitors the chance to escape and enjoy nature and tranquility. Located in historic Palm Beach County, this sleepy Florida town is surrounded by two massive bodies of water and breathtaking natural flora and fauna. 

Besides boundless real estate opportunities, there is also a vibrant community of locals and guests. They make up the charming nature of this oceanside town. The Briny Breezes community center offers locals and visitors alike the chance to learn about the rich history and exciting modern amenities of this community. 

World-Class Hospitality 

The Briny Breezes community center is one of many state-of-the-art facilities in this coastal town. 

Residents can visit to enjoy tabletop games like Mah Jong and Euchre. They can also visit one of the community centers’ many educational opportunities or board meetings. New shareholders are invited to the bi-weekly orientations to become acquainted with the board and other shareholders. With a friendly group of shareholders and board members, it is easy to feel right at home. 

Other common meetings that occur here are:

  • Storage & Maintenance
  • Budget
  • Finance Committee
  • BBC-8 Meeting
  • Sales & Rental 

Many guests also rent out space for private games or meetings. Besides Mah Jong and Euchre, the center also hosts frequent ping pong nights. We also host special events like open art shows and serve as a backup space for outdoor events in the event of rain. Events range from 11 am on a Monday to 7 pm on Saturday, with Sunday as an off day. 

This space makes it easy to quickly get involved with the community you are visiting or in which you are newly residing. Our facilities are clean and versatile for all sorts of events. Friendly neighbors commune to enjoy games and discuss the wellbeing of the town. New residents visit the community center to get acquainted with the local area. Our community center is where the community truly comes together. 

Beautiful Seaside Location

The Briny Breezes community center is in a beautiful natural habitat. The barrier island habitat provides a wide variety of gorgeous plants and animals. It is located between the vast Atlantic Ocean and fresh Inter Coastal Waterway. 

Here, you can stay in and enjoy tabletop games and good conversation at the community center. Or, you can get out and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s all about relaxation and fun in our beautiful town. 

Fishing, swimming, and even photography are all common hobbies in the area. Our famous seafood restaurants are home to fresh fish and other delicious meals. Try lobster, snapper, and grouper served seaside on a gorgeous restaurant deck. These are the luxuries afforded to residents of our town. 

The Best of Briny Breezes

Food, location, and natural surroundings – all these elements make this town a favorite among visitors and residents alike. Visit Briny Breezes to enjoy the salty breeze from the Atlantic Ocean and spend a relaxing summer on the sand. This well-kept secret continues to thrive on Florida’s beautiful barrier island.

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