Briny Breezes Club House

Located in a sunny Florida coastal town, Briny Breezes Club House is one of Florida’s best-kept secrets. Our state-of-the-art facility has all the amenities our shareholders hope for and more. With golf cart access and a beautiful wood deck overlooking the waves, catching the sunrises and sunsets here is something our visitors never want to miss. 

The Briny Breezes lookout tower is one of the most popular additions to this seaside clubhouse. Shareholders are privy to every luxury facility we have to offer. 

Luxury Beachside Amenities 

One thing that guests truly love about the clubhouse is how many amenities it offers. This isn’t just another beach pavilion with a hose to rinse off after a dip in the ocean. The luxury amenities make guests feel right at home as they step into the seaside custom-built Briny Breezes Club House. 

Rinse off in one of our three luxury showers or sit down with the family at two covered picnic locations. No need to take your picnic from home – they have outfitted the space with a full kitchen! 

Here is the full stock of what the clubhouse offers guests and shareholders: 

  • Benches
  • Covered picnic areas
  • Covered wood deck with rocking chairs
  • Look-out tower
  • Three showers
  • Private beach access
  • Full kitchen
  • Restrooms
  • Banquet tables
  • Lights
  • Sound system and microphone
  • Fans
  • Chairs
  • Television
  • Couches
  • Storage space 

Shareholders can take full advantage of the sound system and banquet tables to accommodate several hundred guests at once. This is great for events, presentations, and large gatherings. No matter how you decide to take advantage of the Club House, Briny Breezes has the accommodations available. 

Dreamy Oceanfront Location 

The guests love to sip their morning coffee from cozy custom rocking chairs situated on the club house’s luxury oceanfront deck. The entire facility sits comfortably between the majestic Atlantic Ocean and sprawling inter-coastal waterway. This means that the salty and revitalizing ocean breeze flows freely through the entire historic town. Guests are never more than a few minutes away from a gorgeous coast. 

The architecture of the clubhouse makes it a magical oasis full of beach-style wood furniture and decorations. Guests love riding their golf carts right up to one of the four available entrances and stepping down onto the private beach in the early hours of the morning. 

Historic Beach Town 

This little town is more than a vacation spot. It is truly a paradise. Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, Briny Breezes is a town rich with history and beauty. 

Its history spans from its origins as a town for early Spanish settlers to its current reputation for being a sleepy oceanfront vacation town. Visitors love that the facility lies in the heart of this gorgeous and historic area. They can take walking history tours or visit the Johnson History Museum without having to drive very far from the convenient location. 

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