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Summer Safety Tips from a West Palm Beach Injury Lawyer

Whether you live in one of Palm Beach County’s coastal communities or further inland, sun exposure is something to think 365 days a year. But the risks of spending too much time in the sun reach a peak in the summer, when the sun is highest in the sky and the longer days mean we have more time to spend outdoors.

I, for one, will be putting on plenty of sunscreen. Since losing my mother to undiagnosed melanoma when I was a young adult, I have personally dedicated myself to better understanding the risks of sun exposure and helping to educate others on sun safety, skin cancer protection, and the early detection of melanoma. This pursuit led me to join the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation, for which I currently serve as a Vice President.

An Unforgettable Day with a Childhood Hero

While I have enjoyed living in for many years, I spent my childhood in Philadelphia. As a child, I was a huge Phillies fan, and my childhood hero – like many other young boys of the era – was third-baseman Mike Schmidt. Today, Mike is in the Phillies Hall of Fame, and he is also a melanoma survivor.

Recently, I had the privilege of attending a Phillies game with Mike and Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney. But, we weren’t there just to watch the game. We were also there to celebrate the installation of 12 new free BrightGuard Sunscreen dispensers throughout Citizens Bank Park. These dispensers will provide invaluable protection to adults and children who either left home without sunscreen or who didn’t bring enough to the ballpark.

Free Sunscreen Dispensers in Palm Beach County!

I am also excited to announce that the same free BrightGuard Sunscreen dispensers have now been installed in various locations throughout Palm Beach County. If you see one, I encourage you to use it – and let me know! These dispensers are there for you and your family, and my sincere hope is that we have to work around the clock to keep those dispensers filled.

Do You Have Questions Skin Cancer?

If you have questions sun safety or skin cancer, the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation’s website provides a wealth of practical information and scientific research. Click the links below for more information:

The Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation also offers a SunSmart program, which provides training to teachers and school nurses and offers educational opportunities for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

For more, non-sun-related tips on staying safe this summer, I also encourage you to read: Top Five Injuries to Avoid on Summer Vacation.

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