Dealing with Chronic Back Pain after a Car Accident? What to Do

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Chronic Back Pain after a Car Accident

One morning, you wake up and it hits you: Crushing, debilitating back pain. You were recently involved in a car accident, but you felt fine immediately after the collision. You didn’t even have to go to the hospital. Could you have suffered a back injury that you are just now noticing for the first time?

Absolutely. Back injuries – like many other internal injuries that are common in car accidents – often do not exhibit symptoms for days, weeks, and sometimes even months after the traumatic event. If you are experiencing back pain, either for the first time or as an ongoing symptom of your accident, here is what you should do:

What to Do if You Experience Back Pain After a Car Accident

1. Talk to Your Doctor

If you are experiencing back pain after an accident, you should see your doctor right away. Back pain can be a symptom of many different types of injuries, and you will need to obtain a thorough diagnosis to make sure that you receive proper treatment. Make sure to tell your doctor the accident, so that he or she will know to look for a trauma-related injury.

2. Don’t Make it Worse

Once you receive a diagnosis and treatment plan, you need to follow your doctor’s advice. Many people try to rush back to work or continue doing strenuous activities that they really shouldn’t be doing with a serious back injury. Most back injuries require rest, followed by physical therapy and rehabilitation. If you ignore your doctor’s recommendations, not only could you make your injury worse, but you could also make it harder to win compensation for your losses.

3. Don’t Settle for Less

If you have suffered a serious back injury, the insurance companies will try to settle your claim quickly and for as little as possible. They know that back injuries are expensive – not only in terms of medical bills, but lost wages, pain and suffering, and other consequences as well – and they want you to give up your rights before you know the true extent of your losses. If you accept a low-ball settlement offer, you may give up your right to seek additional compensation. By settling for less than you deserve, you are essentially giving money to the insurance companies.

4. Demand More® for Your Losses

To make sure you that don’t settle for less than you deserve when dealing with insurance companies or an accident with an uninsured driver, you need a lawyer who will fight for rightful compensation on your behalf. At Brian D. Guralnick Injury Lawyers, we always help our clients Demand More® for their losses. The members of our board-certified trial team are intimately familiar with the insurance companies’ tactics, and we know how to win the compensation that our clients deserve.

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