Teaching Your Children How to be Safe Around Dogs

Categories: Dog Bites

child afraid of dog

For children, few moments can compare to the joy experienced when interacting with a playful dog. While children spend most of their time with parents and friends, there is just something special about interacting with an excitable, energetic, and fuzzy bundle of joy. However, while most dogs – especially those that have been well-trained –…

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Proving Negligence in a Florida Slip and Fall

Categories: Premises Liability

slipping/falling in public place

In personal injury cases, “negligence” is a fundamental concept. In short, the simple fact that you have been injured (in most cases) does not mean that you are entitled to compensation. In order to secure a financial recovery, you need to be able to prove that someone else made a mistake (or was “negligent”) in…

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5 Essential Back-to-School Safety Tips for Parents

Categories: Personal Injury Lawyer

Silhouette of children playing

It’s hard to believe that we are talking about back-to-school time already, but the first day of classes for students in the School District of Palm Beach County is August 14, 2017. While the start of the school year brings excitement for some and trepidation for others, it is a time when everyone should be…

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5 Facts About Summer Car Accidents

Categories: Car Accidents

car driving into sun

Injury Attorney Fighting on Behalf of Summer Car Accident Victims throughout the West Palm Beach Area With school out and vacationers from around the country descending on Florida’s beaches and family entertainment hubs, summer is a busy time of year in places like West Palm Beach. While this means even more business for the local…

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Most Common Types of Premises Liability Claims

Categories: Premises Liability

dictionary entry for fall

Slip and Fall Attorney Fighting for Injury Victims In West Palm Beach Florida Premises liability is the area of personal injury law that makes property owners (and, in some cases, tenants) legally responsible for injuries caused by dangerous conditions on their properties. Not all dangerous conditions will create liability; and, under Florida law, property owners…

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